Baby Love (Astrobrite Remix)


Baby Love (Astrobrite Remix)

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Songs For Meditation

“Songs For Meditation” is Taleen Kali’s 2nd EP, a soundbath album out November 5th on Dum Dum Records.

A complete departure from the band’s previous releases, the second EP is an instrumental soundbath album that oscillates from noise rock to ambient; a sonic drone meant to put its listeners in a meditative trance. 

While the band’s 1st album Soul Songs was lyrically dense and jam packed with heavy riffs and soaring synths, the band has traded in their signature oblique post-punk romance for a completely improvised instrumental album that favors sonic spaciousness over density. 

With all its sparseness, Songs For Meditation contains multitudes. The album was recorded in a single sitting by Grant Capes inside a warehouse space after the band got vaccinated in April of 2021. It features crystal singing bowls in the keys of D, F, A, as well as harmonium played by Kali. Bass drone and synths come courtesy of long-time friend, bandmate, and collaborator Miles Marsico (TÜLIPS, New Technology).