Originally written for Vermin on the Mount

bracing for this still wave, this still life
a wave in the shape of sin
a wave in the key of A

breaking the wave
waking the wave
cresting the wave

the panic crossing over your threshold is a wave
the strums running over your A chord is a wave
the ringing of your singing bowl is a wave

the way you could have loved me is a wave
the way i should never have loved you is a wave
the way you rush into my cracks when i need to write
is a fucking tsunami

the creative lottery is a wave
you cannot get a wave back
if you do not send a wave in
cannot collect until you submit

the brain waves to itself
you send waves out
you get waves in
the brain emits a wave only then

waves cleared
waves shed
waved to receive
and recede

waving into eclipse
blood moon still lives
suspended, we recede
and receive and recede