Nite Jewel One Second of Love Album Review

Nite JewelOriginally posted on FILTER Magazine

Ramona Gonzalez has been dishing lazy disco dream beats from L.A. since her 2009 debut, but her music would get murked in the lo-fi production that was so trendy before this decade. One Second of Love is disco R&B that’s lazy in all the right ways, with a title track single you’d want playing at every after-hours New Wave night, the upbeat drum machine and synths giving a real weight to her slurry love songs. What’s great about the record is the transformative effect of art school meeting R&B (“Mind and Eyes”), a combination that started coming through with the Am I Real? EP. Gonzalez fully exploits her vocal range (almost sounding like Debbie Harry on “Memory Man”), playing with new harmonies and dropping the tape hiss act. While the latter was no more than an aesthetic, here it’s full atmosphere, in keeping with the sci-fi weirdness (“Unearthly Delights,” synth warbles throughout) she embraced from the beginning.