Taleen Kali on a bed of flowers

New Release

Flower of Life

It's here! The official album debut **Taleen Kali** LP, **"Flower of Life."** is out now!
Flower of Life album cover
Flower of Life pink vinyl
Flower of Life cassette tape
Flower of Life album and t-shirt bundle
10 tracks of blissful rage for shoegaze and riot grrrl lovers alike, produced by **Jeff Schroeder** of **The Smashing Pumpkins** and **Josiah Mazzaschi** (**Bizou**, **Light FM**, **Child Seat**). **VINYL:** available in sheer rose and original black vinyl, includes digital download code insert! **CASSETTE:** available in sheer rose, includes digital download code insert! **T-SHIRT:** ltd. edition album art print by **Maddie Liner** (**Paradice Studio**) _Grab your favorite or bundle up for a special deal!_


Evil Eye Wear

Introducing **EVIL EYE WEAR**: our exclusive 2022 USA tour merch! Signature **Taleen Kali** unisex cat eye sunnies for summer goth vibes all year long... Available in **BLACK CRUSHER** and **SEEING RED**.
Evil Eye Wear sunglasses
Taleen Kali wearing Evil Eye Wear sunglasses
Two hands holding Evil Eye Wear sunglasses
Sean and Royce wearing Evil Eye Wear sunglasses
**Get Evil. Do Good.** 20% of proceeds from sales will be donated to the **UCI National Keratoconus Foundation**.


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