Taleen Kali on a bed of flowers

New Release

Flower of Life

It’s here! The official album debut Taleen Kali LP, “Flower of Life.” is out now!
Flower of Life album cover
Flower of Life pink vinyl
Flower of Life cassette tape
Flower of Life album and t-shirt bundle

10 tracks of blissful rage for shoegaze and riot grrrl lovers alike, produced by Jeff Schroeder of The Smashing Pumpkins and Josiah Mazzaschi (Bizou, Light FM, Child Seat).

VINYL: available in sheer rose and original black vinyl, includes digital download code insert!
CASSETTE: available in sheer rose, includes digital download code insert!
CD: with jewel case, includes digital download code insert!
T-SHIRT: ltd. edition album art print

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Evil Eye Wear

Introducing EVIL EYE WEAR: our exclusive 2022 USA tour merch!

Signature Taleen Kali unisex cat eye sunnies for summer goth vibes all year long…

Evil Eye Wear sunglasses
Taleen Kali wearing Evil Eye Wear sunglasses
Two hands holding Evil Eye Wear sunglasses
Sean and Royce wearing Evil Eye Wear sunglasses
Get Evil. Do Good.
20% of proceeds from sales will be donated to the UCI National Keratoconus Foundation.


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