The Big Pink Future This Album Review

The Big PinkOriginally posted on FILTER Magazine

The Big Pink made splashes all over the Brit rags with their single “Dominos” in 2009, leaving our Stateside ears ringing with its catchy chorus. Future This delivers the same formula, but does so with perhaps one too many tracks. The album fully breaks open on track four, “The Palace,” and takes a positive leap with “1313,” a song as uplifting as it is subversive (check out that distortion!). Overall, the anthemic attempt leaves The Big Pink sounding more like innocuous Britpop than the dream pop that originally perked ears. There are some gorgeous moments, like the gritty guitar on “Lose Your Mind,” and the noise in the mix is flawless thanks to the mixing by Alan Moulder (My Bloody Valentine, Depeche Mode). With production by Paul Epworth, who has worked with Adele and Florence and The Machine, the clean sound of Future This may be a bit of a surprise but it shouldn’t be a concern. Still, let’s hope that next time, the future holds more risks than this for The Big Pink.